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This article describes all one needs to know about this:!28CBD6442F406227!869.entry

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Find my Username



netsh int ip set address name="Local Area Connection" source=static addr= mask=
netsh int ip set address name="Local Area Connection" gateway= gwmetric=1
netsh int ip set dns name="Local Area Connection" source=static addr=

Reduce ping latency for gaming

The original posting for this hack can be found here.

This hack works for Windows XP and Vista. If you run Vista, you must run regedit as Administrator.

  1. Click StartRun → type cmd
  2. type ipconfig and remember your ip-address
  3. type regedit
  4. switch to the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces and look for the folder where your ip-address is the value of the key DhcpIPAddress
  5. switch to this folder and create a new key DWORD VALUE 32 BIT (Vista) or DWORD-Value (XP)
  6. name the new key TcpAckFrequency
  7. double click this entry and set it to the value 1
  8. reboot your computer

Commandline Taskmanager

List all tasks


List tasks of my user

tasklist /fi "USERNAME eq myuser"

Kill a task

taskkill /im programname.exe
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