sysrq key

Possible key combinations

  1. Alt-SySRQ-B immediately reboot the system without syncing or unmounting disks
  2. Alt-SySRQ-E send SIGTERM signal to all processes, except for init
  3. Alt-SySRQ-H display help (actually any other key than those listed above will display help but 'h' is easy to remember :-))
  4. Alt-SySRQ-I send a SIGKILL to all processes, except for init
  5. Alt-SySRQ-K kills all programs on the current virtual console. (Secure Access Key/SAK)
  6. Alt-SySRQ-L send a SIGKILL to all processes, including init
  7. Alt-SySRQ-M dump current memory info to console
  8. Alt-SySRQ-O system shut off (if configured and supported)
  9. Alt-SySRQ-P dump the current registers and flags to console
  10. Alt-SySRQ-R keyboard in raw mode
  11. Alt-SySRQ-S sync mounted filesystems
  12. Alt-SySRQ-T dump a list of current tasks and their information to console
  13. Alt-SySRQ-U remount all mounted file systems read-only
  14. Alt-SySRQ-[0-9] sets the console log level, controlling which kernel messages will be printed to your console. ('0', for example would make it so that only emergency messages like PANICs or OOPSes would make it to console)
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