I wrote this little tool to automatically purge my mailinglist folders on my IMAP account. I automatically move my incoming emails to their destination folders so all mailinglists I am subscribed to end up in separate folders.

For very busy mailinglists these folders fill up pretty quickly, e.g. the Linux kernel mailinglist, and since I had a disk quota of just 50 MBtye or so, I wrote this tool to clean up each folder individually.

You can specify a certain timeframe or a maximum number of messages for each folder. This way you get e.g. the last 30 days of a mailinglist or e.g. the last 750 messages of the list.

Here you can find the tar archive and its SHA1 fingerprint. Moreover, the listing of the archive can be found here.


In case you want to discuss anything regarding this project, you can discuss it here.

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