encryption recovery

In case you run into any problems with your encrypted root partition, it should be possible to recover from (almost) any problem. Of course, physical damage of the disk can not be recovered but anything else, if the system refuses to boot, should be.

Just run these steps:

  1. create a new kernel or initrd-image on another computer
  2. boot a resuce system, e.g. knoppix
  3. mount the boot partition (which is not encrypted)
  4. copy the new kernel and/or initrd-image in place
  5. create and/or fix/check lilo.conf which you might have saved on the boot partition
  6. run lilo like ''lilo -C lilo.conf-backup -s /mnt/hda1/boot
  7. unmount the partition and reboot

This should give you a complete new boot process which should give you acess to the encryupted root partition again. :-)

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