$ hciconfig

This must show 'UP RUNNING PSCAN ISCAN' without 'AUTH ENCRYPT'

$ hciconfig hci0 piscan
$ hcitool scan
$ hcitool info <HW-ADDR>
$ l2ping -c <n> <HW-ADDR>
$ sdptool browse <HW-ADDR>
$ ussp-push /dev/rfcomm0 src-file dst-file

connecting via NFS

To connect my Nokia 6600 via NFS, the following is to do (using p3nfs and the included NFS client):

$ hcitool scan
$ rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm0 <HW-ADDR> 11
$ rfcomm show

Start the NFS client on the phone and switch it to bluetooth by pressing the joystick button.

$ p3nfsd -series60 -dir /mnt -tty /dev/rfcomm0
$ ls /mnt/exit
$ rfcomm release rfcomm0
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